Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment – Chevy Chase, MD

Gently Relieve Bleeding, Sensitive Gums

There’s about a 50% chance that, if you’re an adult in the U.S., you currently have some form of periodontal disease. Also known as gum disease, this is a bacterial infection of the bone and tissue that support the teeth. Early symptoms may be mild (tenderness, redness, swelling), but without treatment, you may experience gum recession or even tooth loss! At Avant Dentistry, we offer expert gum disease therapy to prevent the condition from reaching that point. Contact our office to learn how Dr. Annie Yu can gently relieve bleeding, sensitive gums.

Why Choose Avant Dentistry for Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment?

  • Gentle, Personalized Approach to Dental Treatment
  • Compassionate Dentist with 15+ Years of Experience
  • Master of the Academy of General Dentistry

Scaling & Root Planing

A two-step procedure called scaling and root planing is a special type of dental cleaning that targets gum disease at its source: the bacterial plaque and tartar deposits that have gathered around and below the gumline. First, Dr. Yu breaks apart these deposits (scaling) before smoothing out the roughened surfaces of the teeth’s roots (root planing). Afterward, your gums will more easily reattach to your teeth, and your risk of reinfection will decrease significantly.

Arestin Antibiotic Therapy

The bacteria that cause gum disease like to hide and multiply in small pockets between your gums and teeth. These spaces can be difficult to clean directly, which is where antibiotic therapy can prove incredibly effective. We simply apply a topical antibiotic, called Arestin, to these pockets. The medicine quickly dries before dissolving throughout your gum tissue, eliminating bacteria in deeply hidden areas over the course of several days or weeks.